Hematite, Rainbow Hematite, Haematite, Iron Oxide, Kidney Ore, Specular Hematite

Metaphysical Healing Properties

Grounding, Protecting, Harmonising

  • Very calming and grounding stone when your mind is not your own - opening up the lower chakras even when worn as a pendant.
  • Supports timid women, boosts self esteem and survivability, resistance to stress.
  • Improving clear thinking as you come to terms with mistakes and to accepting their learning experience.
  • Dissolves negativity and protects more from entering the aura.
  • Brings attention to unfulfilled desires that are driving life.
  • Increases energy and vitality - great helper for the blood.
  • Useful for study of mathematical and technical information.
  • Great to use with past life journeying to keep soul protected and re-ground it to the Earth.
  • For some, a shiny surface crystal can aid astral projection while protecting the spirit.
  • Cleanses and oxygenates blood thus increasing energy & vitality.
  • BE AWARE: Do NOT carry if you have a pace maker.

Geological/Historical Information

  • Mineral form of iron oxide, comes in many different forms - botryoidal, blade, rosettes, sparkly ... - more geological information.

Special Notes

  • Here's an article about My experiences with Hematite for more geological and metaphysical insights.
  • A geologist advised me that most Rainbow Heamatite while hematite has been treated by man and is not the expensive rare natural form.




Additional Properties of Varieties

Rainbow Haematite

Mental Capabilities, Original Thinking, Release Limitations

  • 3 forms: one is very tiny crystals - quite flat structure, others show crystals although one is more delicate and feels more feminine than the coarse one which feels more masculine. The courses version are usually man-treated hematite.
  • Stone of “the Mind” - enhances mental capabilities & original thinking.
  • Encourages on to “reach for the sun” by releasing limitations of your mind.
  • Dissolves negativity & reduces stress.

Hematite Kidney Ore

  • Botryoidal form of iron.
  • Helps with survival.
  • Fortifies willpower and brings unfilled wished to light. brings attention to basic needs and physical well being.
  • Promotes iron assimilation. Fortifies kidneys and intestines.

Specular Hematite (Specularite)

  • From Champion Mine, Michigan - variety of hematite with a rich metallic luster on a sparkling silvery polished surface.
  • Excellent chakra balancer, toner and stabilizer.
  • Excellent mineral for subtle body system practitioners and all physical/subtle body energy movement practices such as Tai Chi.
  • Promotes the aspiration to your personal goals regardless of what is perceived as acceptable, releasing all judgment.
  • Assists in grounding high level spiritual energy to the reality of every day life.
  • Keep on your desk to counter the ill effects of your computer on your energy body.

Hematite with Magnetite

  • Helps progress and engagement.
  • Promotes striving for improvement in one's situation in life.