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Fossil, Stromatolite, Algae Fossil, Orthoceros, Orthoceras, Trilobite, Fossil Stone, Shell Jasper

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Fossils

Past Life Access, Business Success, Confidence

  • Use to access past life information.
  • Aids in overcoming fears generated in the past or during childhood.
  • Reduces anxiety, stress and balances the emotions. Increases confidence.
  • Helps people who have been depressed lift themselves out.
  • Just as a fossil is a animal that died and sunk deep into the earth into the dark, it reminds people that in the darkness changes can occur so they can be reborn when they chose to change and come back to the light of day.
  • Depression is about some distress that means you disconnected from the Earth energies and support - so holding the energy of something that is once more fully of the Earth will help the reconnection for the holder.
  • Promotes success in business: Heightens and supplements oneís accomplishments in the business realm.
    • I was guided to create a necklace in fossil stone long before I knew why!
  • Promotes a sense of pride. Instils quality and excellence within oneís environment. Helps one with dispense with old programming and schedules. Assists you to be open, receptive and perceptive of fresh innovative forces.
  • Can be used to enhance telepathy and stimulate the mind.
  • Traditionally, fossils have been used to aid in¬†reducing tiredness, fatigue, digestive disorders, and rheumatism.
  • Believed to increase life span, reduce toxins.

Geological/Historical Information

  • Most fossils available in Australian stores are from Morocco and Madagascar.

Special Notes



Fish in sandstone

Fossil Agatised Coral2

Agatised Coral 

Additional Properties of Varieties

Fossil Stone

  • Lots of fossils in a stone matrix often where it is usually hard to identify the actual organic animal so a generic term is used.
  • Stone of business success.
  • Helps you to be open to new ways of thinking with fresh and innovative ideas.
  • Can boost business success helping you strive for quality and excellent.


Miriam Jasper

Orthoceras, Orthoceros

  • An extinct squid like creature of genus: nautilus cephalics or orthoceratite. Common and have a global distribution, occurring in any marine rock, especially limestones. Our Orthoceras specimens are from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, and are dated back to the Silurian Age 400 + million years ago. Read more geological information.

Shell Jasper

  • Oyster ancestral shells in matrix

Stromatolite, Algae Fossil

  • Said to stimulate more spiritual energy into the physical body, especially with younger people.
  • Gentle nurturer and especially healing for the emotional like those depressed.

Geologically, Stromatolite is fossilised cyanobacteria (algae) the world's oldest living organism, dating back 3 billion years.



  • Extinct marine creature like a beetle that crawled along sea floors.
  • Be careful - many of the cheaper forms such as below are actually concrete. You will need to trust your supplier.
  • Promotes leadership and management skills in balance with love, patience and fortitude.
  • Aids development of patience, strength and perseverance so that you can recognise desired course and it to the desired goal.
  • Allows non-leaders to accept leadership, to see it is a quality that aims to create decisions in the best interest of all.
  • May aid eye disorders, correct vitamin A D, calcium, iodine deficiency & fading eyesight brittle bones, skin eruptions.



Turitella Jasper

  • Ancestral marine snail shells in jasper