Metaphysical Healing Properties of Dolomite

Charity, Original Thinking, Stamina

  • Encourages charitable actions.
  • Relieves sorrow assisting one to recognise "everything happens for a reason".
  • Encourages energetic and impulsive original thing.
  • Aids manifestation of  those actions which are necessary to allow everything "just as it occurs.
  • Assists in producing stamina when dealing with hyper-active individuals so you don't give up or give in.
  • May assist building the body such as muscular structure, blood cells, teeth, skin and nails. Assists oxygenation to lungs and cellular structures, as well as help treat adrenal disorders and urogenital system.

Geological/Historical Information

  • Dolomite is easy to carve. Colours include white, colourless, grey, green-white, red, rose-red, green, pink, brown and black. More geological information.

Special Notes




Additional Properties of Varieties