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Citrine, Smoky Citrine, Bohemian Topaz, Citron, Golden Topaz, Kundalini Quartz

Metaphysical Healing Properties

Abundance, Cleanser, Protection

  • Protector of the aura and warns you to protect yourself.
  • Powerful cleanser and re-generator - warming and energising.
  • Releases deep level thoughts, anxiety, emotions and fears
  • to bring joy, happiness and to feel ability to go forth with greater self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Enables creativity to manifest assisting with self empowerment and assertiveness.
  • Relieves tiredness and negativity, energising every level of life - physical, mental, etc.
  • Good chakra cleanser as well as balancing the subtle bodies, aligning them with the physical.
  • Teaches you how to manifest and attract wealth and prosperity, success and all good things.
  • Helps you to share what you have but also to hold onto your wealth.
  • Enhances concentration and helps digest information, analyse situations and steer them in a positive direction.
  • Makes you less sensitive, especially to criticism, and encourages action on constructive criticism.
  • Useful to sooth a group or family discord

Geological/Historical Information

  • Natural ones are rare - check that yellow gems are really citrine and not topaz  or heated treated amethyst - more geological information and more here. They also are often smoky-yellow or green-yellow.
  • Note: Citrine formed as cathedral clusters and points:
    • if in the same veins as amethyst are coloured by iron and radiation with Fe3+ causing yellow colour.
    • if in same veins as smoky quartz - usually a yellow-smoky colour or yellow-green are coloured by aluminium trace elements and radiation.
  • Many Brazilian mining companies are advising that citrine in geodes are never natural but heat treated.

Special Notes

  • CARE - citrine fades in the sun from radiation.
  • Most citrine sold in crystal stores is burnt-yellow, yellow-orange, brown clusters that are heat treated amethyst - they therefore do not work energetically like citrine in their current form - see below.
  • Other yellow quartz maybe:
    • Golden Healer quartz - if the yellow is a coating on the outside - its a very pale bright lemon yellow colour;
    • Lemon Quartz which is coloured by sulphur.
  • Ametrine is where citrine and amethyst are combined.
  • Note: it is a blurry line as to whether a crystals is citrine or smoky citrine or smoky quartz - energetically hold one and discover the effect.






Additional Properties of Varieties



Treated Citrine

  • Heat treated amethyst or grey smoky quartz
  • Effective against depression, alcohol abuse, repressed childhood hurts.
  • Breaks cycles of worry or guilt.
  • Increases sales, attract customers and encourages right choices in financial speculation.
  • Helps when struggling with ideas or public speaking (place at solar plexus).
  • Personally given it is a crystal changed by man I find it great for working with not being accepted for who you are being being made to change to suit other people's expectations - a square peg in the round hole, etc.
  • May help with pancreas, liver, spleen, spine, exhaustion, metabolism.



Smoky Citrine

  • Enhances metaphysical attributes, grounding them into reality.
  • Removes blocks from your spiritual path.
  • Doesn't hold negativity so doesn't require cleansing.
  • Re-frames vows like celibacy & poverty - removes detrimental beliefs from the past.
  • Purifies etheric blueprint & aligns solar plexus to the earth chakra so you can move out of old environments into expansion.
  • Can sometimes be smoky lemon quartz where the yellow is from sulphur inclusions.