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Chrysoberyl, Alexandrite, Cat's Eye, Cymophane

Metaphysical Healing Properties

Confidence, Aligns mind and spiritual endeavour, Creativity, Self-worth

  • Stone of new beginnings.
  • Brings compassion, forgiveness, generosity and confidence.
  • Aligns Solar Plexus and Crown chakras to help the mind and spiritual endeavour meet so spiritual and personal power increase.
  • Enhances creativity, strength of self-worth and releases outworn energy patterns so you can see both sides the problem and plan strategically.
  • Encourages forgiveness for those who perpetuate injustice
  • May support self-healing physically balance adrenaline cholesterol and fortify chest and liver.

Geological/Historical Information

  • Chrysoberyl means "a gold-white spar".
  • Despite the similarity of their names, chrysoberyl and beryl are two completely different gemstones.
  • Read more at Wikipedia

Special Notes




Additional Properties of Varieties




  • Most distinctive property is that it also changes color in artificial (tungsten/halogen) light compared to daylight.
  • Crystal of contrasts, opens intuition and metaphysical abilities.
  • Creates strong will and personal magnetism and builds self-respect.
  • Brings joy, expands creativity, expedites change, and enhances manifestation.
  • Stimulates imagery, dreams and imagination.
  • More geological information and the history of alexandrite: http://www.alexandrite.net/

Cat's Eye

  • Is yellow and exhibits chatoyancy or opalescence that reminds one of an eye of a cat 
  • A grounding stone which stimulates the intuition.
  • Dispels negativity from the aura and provide protection
  • Brings confidence happiness serenity and good luck
  • May treat eye disorders and improve night vision.
  • May relieve headaches and facial pain.
  • There other crystals like ruby and rose quartz which can appear cat's eye like. They are cally Quartz Cat's Eye, Ruby Cat's eye, etc.


  • Special form cat's eye. Note  in Wikipedia, cat's eye = cymphane i.e. there is no distinction.
  • Stimulates the stabilise intellect.
  • Supports flexibility of the mind.
  • Enhances unconditional love.