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Cerusite, Cerrusite

Metaphysical Healing Properties

Grounding, Past Life Exploration, ET Connection

  • Great for grounding so you feel "at home" and comfortable in all environments.*
  • Good for travellers - business or pleasure as it helps you to adapt and to change as required in any situation - helps you realise things are transient and thus its easier be accommodating.
  • Helps you with your understanding and increases abilities such as the strength to manage,  that allow you to be composed and alleviate introversion.
  • Stimulates and enhances communication of all types.
  • Encourages growth in all areas of one's life including the strength of wisdom in relationship.
  • Great for ceremonial work as helps bonding between participants while helping with grounding.
  • Helps align and renew the nervous system network, skeletal system and inner organs so free flow of energy.
  • May help with insomnia (due to*) and increase vitality for those experiencing dis-ease.

Geological/Historical Information

Special Notes

  • Being led it is toxic.




Cerrusite is the black crystals.
The blades are Barite.

Additional Properties of Varieties