Cavansite, Pentagonite

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Cavansite

Purification, Regeneration, Optimism, Inspiration, Think before you act

  • Stone of purification and regeneration.
  • Facilitate conscious astral journeying and pass life exploration, re-framing trauma of the past so it will not manifest in present-day.
  • On the ThirdEye, it stimulates metaphysical awareness, second-sight, combining with everyday learning and logical thought.
  • Life affirming stone to bring optimismand inspiration.
  • Self-reflective stone to aid going within and redress destructive behaviour or thoughts so encouraging self-respect.
  • Helps youto think before you act showing the way to work through problems and aid communication.
  • Instills an appreciation of the beauty around you.
  • Mayaid endorphins and conductivity of electrical impulses around the body,eyes, teeth, throat, kidneys, bladder, blood and tinnitus.

Geological/Historical Information

  • Often appears beside or on other zeolites.
  • Generally in the form of balls.
  • Colour is a bright rich blue.
  • Pentagonite is a rare silicate mineral with formula Ca(VO)Si4O104(H2O). It was named for the unusual twinning which produces an apparent five-fold symmetry.[1] It is a dimorph of cavansite.
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Special Notes



Cavansite on Stilbite

Additional Properties of Varieties