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Calcite, Dogtooth Calcite, Coral Calcite, Cobalt Calcite, Cobalto, Cobaltoan, Green Calcite, Blue Calcite, Yellow Calcite, White Calcite, Honey Calcite, Golden Calcite, Mangano Calcite, Brown Calcite, Rainbow Calcite

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Calcite

Amplifies, Cleanses, Healing

  • Powerful amplifier and cleanser of energies - in a room it cleanses negative energies from the environment and heightens your energy.
  • Shift energies that are stagnant or slow moving.
  • Helps the body to remember its perfection so it can return to that state as quickly as possible.
  • Alleviates fear, reduces stress, soothes agitated emotions enabling effortless flow.
  • Creates clarity removing friction and dissonance, connecting the intellect to the emotions.
  • Excellent for study especially arts and sciences, stimulating insight and boosting memory.
  • Links the individual to the natural cycles of continuous change and transmutation.

Geological/Historical Information

Special Notes

  • Primary Chakra: Varies according to colour
  • Astrological sign(s): Cancer
  • Crystal System: Trigonal
  • Mineral Class: Carbonates Group: Calcites Hardness: (3)
  • Colour: Colourless, White, Yellow, Red, Pink, Orange, Blue, Green, Black, Brown, Gray

Calcite Stalacitite

燙alcite stalactite

Calcite often grows with other crystals e.g. cubic Calcite, Dolomite and Pyrite cluster:


Banded rainbow Coral Calcite

Banded/Rainbow Calcite

Additional Properties of Varieties

Black calcite

  • Record keeper stone for regression and retaining memories so爌ast燾an be released.
  • Returns soul to body after trauma or stress .
  • Alleviates depression and useful during dark night of the soul .

Blue calcite

  • Good for gentle recuperation and relaxation.
  • Soothes the nerves and lifts anxieties.
  • On the throat it help clear communication especially where there's dissent.
  • Brings awareness of nature抯 creative forces.
  • Activates all chakras.
  • Softens impact of psychic stimuli and helps you dream.
  • Screens out unpleasant energies.
  • Great soother of the emotions.
  • Connects the intellect to the emotions, stimulating your ability to express your insights.
  • Excellent for study, stimulates inspiration & expression.

Blue Calcite

Brown calcite or Dark honey calcite

  • Helps retain memory of astral travelling and channelling experiences.


燙lear calcite, Icelandic Spar, Optical Calcite

  • Can be programmed to amplify the effect of your intent helping bring that into the physical world.
  • Excellent to those in need of an "attitude adjustment".
  • Helps you to see the roots within self of problems causing anger, resentment, envy and or arrogance especially if accompanied by flareups of temper.
  • Helps you then forgive self and others for the past and allow yourself to move towards the high good.
  • The double refractive nature 燼llows you in meditation to achieve multilevel awareness allowing you to hold contradictory ideas with them the mind without taking one side or the other so great for those who need to embrace the paradox of reality.
  • Great "cure all" - use as elixir.
  • Powerful detoxifier at all levels. if with rainbows - stone of new beginnings.
  • Brings gift of deep Soul healing and revitalisation.
  • Amplifies images and heals the eyes.
  • Aids in seeing the double meaning hidden behind words.
  • Excellent cleanser of subtle bodies.
  • Also refer to properties above for colour's healing help.
  • Clear here for information about shape's healing properties.
  • Geological Information

  • A transparent variety of calcite, or crystallised calcium carbonate, originally brought from Iceland.
  • Usually trigonal-rhombohedral in shape.
  • Used in demonstrating the polarisation of light (seeing a double image) - more geological information.
  • Often white or golden. Also pink and green.
  • Special Notes

  • Clear calcite is the crystal most like to clear quartz in energy.
  • The optical calcite may also come in pale yellow, golden and peach colours.
  • Clear Calcite


    Optical calcite showing double refractive properties - Graham is ony wearing one ring!

    Cobalt calcite, Cobalto calcite, Cobaltoan calcite

    • Symbolises unconditional love and forgiveness and is attuned to the pink flame of pure, compassion love.
    • Connects heart and mind.
    • If uncertain where to go spiritually, this gentle stone helps you to find your innate talents and life purpose.
    • Helps transfer ideas into actions without forcing the pace.
    • Effective for emotional healing and overcoming emotional blocks, loneliness, grief or a broken heart.
    • Encourages emotional maturation, sending out nurturing to help erase emotional scars.
    • Provides supportive energy to those who take on the pain for others, the planet and those who've given up hope.


    Dogtooth calcite



    Fairy Stone Calcite

    • Calcite settled into爂lacial clay.
    • Strong links to mother earth and feminine power reminding us that as we raise we still need to be in touch with necessities of life.
    • Helps you dismantle defensive walls built around old hurts and aids dissolving the fight or flight reflex.
    • Helps you connect into the inner earth world for journeying.
    • Helps you get things done in a very practical way.
    • Teaches care and concern to the planet in their practical level.
    • If calcite fairy stone adopts you it acts as a little helper with details and in providing safe and nurturing space.

    Fairy Stone Calcite

    Gold Calcite, Golden Calcite

    • Excellence medication燼nd for aligning to higher mental states
    • Grounds higher mental energies into physical牋 allowing mental alertness .
    • Use on naval or Crown chakras

    Golden Calcite

    Green calcite

    • Mental healer.
    • Dissolves rigid beliefs and old programs to restore balance to the mind.
    • Helps you to let go what is familiar and comfortable but no longer servers.
    • Transitions the stagnant to the positive situation.
    • Helps children hold their own in a debate.
    • Shade of green can vary from khaki, emerald to mid-green.

    Green Calcite

    Hematite calcite, Hematoid calcite


    Honey calcite

    Honey Calcite

    Mangano Calcite, Pink calcite

    • Stone of爐he heart - brings unconditional love.
    • Puts you and puts you in touch with the angelic realm.
    • Stone of forgiveness, releasing fear and grief that kept the heart trapped.
    • Aids self-worth and self acceptance.
    • Heals nervous conditions and reduces anxiety and tension.
    • Said to prevent nightmares.
    • Dissolves resistance.
    • Helpful to those who suffered trauma.


    Pink Mangano Calcite

    Optical calcite/ Icelandic Spar calcite

    Orange calcite

    • Supports the life force- Highly energising and cleansing stone especially the the chakras below the heart.
    • Balances the emotions, removes fears and overcomes depression.
    • Dissolves problems and maximises potential.
    • "The Midwife Stone". Powerful ally for any person or practitioner who mentors, assists, aids or empowers another.
    • Connects the seen and unseen elements of spirit and matter.
    • Aids creative, wilful and expressive, providing empowerment to those
      who can benefit from it.
    • Said to stimulate digestion & assimilation.
    • Said to help remove mucus and help with irritable bowel syndrome.


    Red calcite

    • Resonates to the lower chakras healing & energising them.
    • Releases fear bringing in understanding about the source.
    • Soothes to reduce stress.
    • Aids willpower, uplifts emotions & opens the Heart chakra.
    • Dissolves blockages & removes stagnate energy including constipation.
    • Said to help hip, lower limb & joint issues. Emotionally helps you step forward in life.

    Red Calcite

    Starburst calcite

    • Uncommon. But often found on amethyst clusters.

    Calcite Starburst Dogtooth

    Stellar calcite

    • Very uncommon, very expensive. Tennessee, USA only.

    Yellow calcite

    • Great eliminator and stimulates the will.
    • Enhances meditation inducing relaxation and spirituality and linking to highest source of spiritual guidance.
    • Golden is expansive too.


    Icicle Calcite