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Blue Quartz, Dumortierite, Lazulite, Ilmenite

Metaphysical Healing Properties

Angelic/Spirit Guide Communications, Release, Calm/Focus

Blue quartz can be blue from different minerals. Hopefully you will be advised what the inclusion is so you can read that specifically.

  • Makes you more receptive when contacting angels & guides.
  • Reconnects you to your innate wisdom.
  • Can open Clairaudience if placed at ear.
  • Highlights patterns underling addictions and compulsions.
  • Assists in standing up confidently for you and adapting to functional reality offering patience and courage.
  • Helps you remain young at heart with a constructive attitude to life.
  • Calms and focuses you if disorganised and chaotic.
  • Helps you take control of your life, reduce shyness and stage fright.
  • Promotes self-discipline, focus and linguistic abilities.
  • Stabilises rocky relationship and attract a soul mate.
  • Assists you to see the worth in others and how the interaction assists you to grow even if difficult.
  • May help with hypersensitivity, cellular memory, wasting disorders, and nausea.

Geological/Historical Information

  • Natural blue quartz is always coloured by inclusions of other minerals, not by trace elements or colour centres, so it is never transparent, just translucent.
  • Dumortierite is a common inclusions and if there is a lot it is known as dumortierite quartz.

Other blue colours in quartz

  • Ilmenite - This is a common "blue" inclusion.
  • Lazulite - This is the same mineral as in Lapis Lazuli and is also a common inclusion for blue quartz.
  • Olenite - Quartz is specked with blue tourmaline - refer to Tourmaline article.
  • Magnesio-riebeckite

Special Notes

  • Blue Quartz is often labelled Blue Aventurine




Additional Properties of Varieties