Metaphysical Healing Properties of Bismuth

De-Isolates, Stability, Transformation

  • Relieves emotional and spiritual isolation, helps the institutionalised ease back into the community.
  • Provide stability in times of change so people stay calm and organised. Covers and protects us, as well as healing rifts in the planet from man's activities.
  • Great for those who lead groups e.g at work or social events - especially to help others overcome "it can't be done"/ "no chance".
  • Helps you transform your life.
  • Said to ease fevers and help benefit from new treatment, help muscle degenerative illnesses like ME; Helps faster recovery from surgery and relieve exhaustion.

Geological/Historical Information

  • a native element. The roo is the world's major source.
  • Native crystals are extremely rare and most grown in a laboratory in Poland, United States, and UK.
  • Scarce as silver and heavier than lead (one cubic foot would weigh Kg) it is a semi precious semi-metal.
  • Non-toxic to humans, this move is used in medicine and cosmetics.
  • Also used in inks, paints, free machining steels and fire sprinklers.
  • More geological information.

Special Notes

  • I have seen plain silver, bluish silver and now vivid rainbow coloured!





Additional Properties of Varieties