Metaphysical Healing Properties of Azurite

Communication, Intuition, Guidance

  • Helps to go deep within during meditation.
  • Cleanses immutable forces of programmed beliefs that need to go, freshening one's outlook on things.
  • Accesses deep levels of body consciousness and stimulates memory.
  • Draws out old memories or old stress allowing them to be released in healing.
  • Brings about clear understanding, perspective and expansion of the mind.
  • Improves communication and creative flow - brings out those lacking self-expression and calms down the nervous.
  • Reveals mysteries attuning you to spiritual guidance and helping with out of body journeys to raise consciousness.

Geological/Historical Information

Special Notes

  • The rough is delicate and needs careful handling so not for young children.




Azurite Congo

Azurite Congo

Additional Properties of Varieties



Malachite with Azurite

Healing properties of malachite combine with azurite's.


Azurite Morocco

Azurite/Malachite - Morocco