Aventurine, Green Aventurine, Red, Peach, Blue, Orange, Pink, White, Yellow

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Aventurine

Protects, Stabilises, Positive Energy

  • Balances the male/female energies
  • Enhancing ones creativity, supplementing motivation in activities, and augmenting the 'pioneering' spirit.
  • Reinforces ones decisiveness and amplifies leadership qualities
  • Facilitates the balancing and alignment of the intellectual, emotional, physical, and auric bodies.

Geological/Historical Information

  • If it is a green or blue it is a quartzite;
  • If it is orange, red, yellow, it is a feldspar - more about its composition.

Special Notes

  • This seems a crystal that blurs the lines. I believe much aventurine sold is actually just blue, red or green, .. quartz. Ideally there should be a shimmer or sparkle in aventurine.



Aventurine Raw

Aventurine Green

Additional Properties of Varieties



Blue Aventurine (Dumortierite Quartz)

  • Can help with addictions, large and small, by allowing spiritual energies to come into the Third-Eye and Throat Chakras, to be processed by the subconscious mind.
  • Helps those stuck in an immature state of development, by clearing old, stagnant energies, and opening one up to inner growth and spiritual work.


Aventurine Blue

Green Aventurine (Fuchsite Quartz)

  • Stone of good luck, abundance, adventures in travel.
  • Heals the heart and emotions especially of solar plexus is negatively active (aka very critical of self).
  • Enhances creativity, independence, prosperity, career success, calmness and balance.
  • Helps us to see alternatives and potentials.


Aventurine Green

Peach Aventurine (Orange Quartz, Hematite Quartz)

  • Best used in quiet meditation because its qualities are best shown when one is seeking centring and quiet.
  • Assists those who exhibit shyness or anxiety.
  • Provides dignity, presence and calm as stills the loud, critical voice within.


Aventurine Orange Peach

Pink Aventurine

  • Seems to go above the physical, five sensory level.
  • Rises past the eighth chakra of universal love allowing one to embrace not only the physical vehicle in which we reside,
  • Also allowing absolute love of our higher self/soul/divine being.



Red Aventurine

  • Stone of vitality, creativity, sexuality, mental alertness and manifestation through action.
  • Increases one's desire to take on and overcome the challenges of life.
  • Helps one be determined to persevere as increases life force.
  • Assists those with low vitality to get things done.
  • Diffuses negativity and balances the male-female energies.
  • Helps to see alternatives and possibilities.
  • Great for those who working in a creative capacity as aids in finding new inspiration.
  • Good of those who work long hours needing focused attention.
  • Helps those recovering from illness as rebuilds physical energies, confidence, faith and general energy.
  • Said to help those who sexuality is diminished find renewed excitement.
  • Said to help to balance blood pressure.
  • Note: it is red-purple in colour than a bright red.



White Aventurine

  • Said to be a mirror to the soul.
  • Use to facilitate clarity in visions.
  • Provides for self reflection, and allows one to recognise that "in each person you see but the reflection of that which you choose to have that person be.



Yellow Aventurine

  • If oversensitive or indecisive, issues relating to an unbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra, can also benefit from its reassuring and balancing energies.
  • Helps people who have problems with power and control.
  • Focuses intentions for manifesting a sense of ease in being yourself.