Metaphysical Healing Properties

Truth, Intuition, Visions, Divine Connection

  • Stone of Truth.
  • Has a high water content so efficient conductor of energy and carrier of Akashic record.
  • Enhances energies† in a room as powerful vibrational transmitter.
  • Creates a conscious connection between physical and spiritual realms, helping keep a strong connection in out of body journeys.,
  • Enhances clear sight, intuition and scrying.
  • Promotes introspection into ones behaviour and the correction of imbalances or flaws that are perceived.
  • Abandons pretence, breaks down reserve.
  • Calms the mind - reduces stress, releases mental blocks and negative thought patterns.
  • Imbues spiritual love into analysis and decision making.
  • Releases suppressed emotions helping overcomes anxiety, worries and fears.
  • Calms and grounds the spirit so you feel comfortable within your body.
  • Physically said to be excellent for Reiki and other energy healing - relaxing the client and taking healer "out of the way" so energy is purer.

Geological/Historical Information

Special Notes

  • Many people mistake it for clear quartz - however the crystal shape will tell you its not.†

††† †

Apophyllite Pyramid

Apophyllite Pyramids

Apophyllite pyramids


Additional Properties of Varieties


  • Activates the Heart chakra.
  • Provides energy and forthrightness in decisions of the heart.
  • Allows one to absorb the energies one needs from the universal supply of perfect energy and stimulates a joyful glee.



Apophyllite with other Zeolite minerals

Read section for each type of mineral - as a group they are called zeolites.

Apophyllite cluster

Apophyllite with a spray of peach stillbite