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Angelite, Anhydrite, Angel Wing

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Anhydrite

Peacefulness, Creative Communication & Communion

  • Provides a concentration of peacefulness.Promotes silence - slowing down everyday thought processes.
  • Enhances the ability to hear the subtlest communications and notice the subtle qualities of experience.
  • Reveals hidden aspects of reality.
  • Eases constrictions of the throat and soothes confused emotions.
  • Encourages creative communication.Opens us to subtle communion with the finer layers of creation.
  • Good for creating temporary respite after over-excitement and confusion (followed by clear quartz and then jasper).

Geological/Historical Information

  • The color is white, greyish, bluish or purple. 
  • If it absorbs water it transforms to gypsum. If gypsum is heated to 200°C it transforms back. Read more geological information.

Special Notes

  • This is soft and sensitive to water so please be careful.



Angelite Wing Fan

Angel Wing form


Polished Angelite