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Amber, Amberlite

Metaphysical Healing Properties

Clearing, Healing, Protective

  • Imbues the body with vitality.
  • Powerful protection stone so excellent to wear as a pendant when feeling vulnerable when going into a difficult situation.
  • Helps ground higher energies absorbs negative energies and transmutes to positive to heal the body.
  • Assists you to feel sunny and carefree
  • Helps you be respectful, trusting and altruistic.
  • Stimulates intellect and memory.
  • Can help counteract stress, depression and suicidal thoughts as it encourages peacefulness and develops trust.
  • Good for stomach, liver, joints, allergies, glands and intestine. Used for babies teething to sooth (emotionally and physically).
  • Chakra(s): ALL
  • Astrological sign(s): Leo, Aquarius
  • Vibration: Number 3

Geological/Historical Information

  • Amber is fossilised tree resin often showing bits of dirt, bark, seed, leaf and/or insects that were trapped as it ran over them.
  • Crystal System: Amorphous (meaning there is no type of ordered crystal structure)
  • Chemical Composition: (C10H16O) Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen
  • Mineral Class: Non Classified - but is Organic




Amber Pendant

Amber Back lit

Special Notes

  • Much of the amber around is either resin, or resin with a sprig of amber inside - it is more correctly called synthetic amber or amberlite - see Special Notes below for how to detect.
  • Amber is often heat treated to improve clarity but it bursts air bubbles which form disks, see image below:


Amber - heat treated



 Amber 3 Colours

Ring showing green, yellow and orange colours


Completely natural - not heat treated

Special Notes

Amberlite can be determined by the following:

  • is formed into geometrics pyramids, spheres etc - too expensive to do this with the real thing;
  • has a very light plastic feel; and
  • is a cheap price.
  • Amberlite is said to have shavings of amber within it.


    Amberlite above with the
    amber shaving inside