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Aegerine, Agerine, Aegarine, Aegirine

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Aegerine

Moral Strength, Self Acceptance
  • Provides moral strength - aids you to follow your convictions

  • Dispenses the effects of group pressure - revitalise, mentally stimulates and concentrates other minerals healing help for benefit of group.

  • Brings acceptance of the self without conformance
  • "Aegirine is an excellent stone for generating and focusing energy beams, removing emotional blockages and enhancing positive vibrations. Extremely helpful in cases of psychic attack or negative thinking, it repairs the aura after attachments have been removed. This stone helps you see the bigger picture and assists in healing relationship problems or overcoming the grief of separation. Aegirine can be used to boost the body's own healing systems and the healing energy of other crystals." The Encyclopedia of Crystals by Judy Hall ISBN 1-59233-266-8

  • Primary Chakra:
  • Astrological signs: Pisces
  • Vibration: 5

Geological/Historical Information

Special Notes