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Which Candles Would Complement The Crystals Best - Any Tips?

Bees wax is a renewable all natural product with no chemicals, toxins, additives or fillers - unlike petroleum-based paraffin wax (e.g. cheap candles bought from Ikea and $2 stores). It's non-toxic properties make it perfect for a clean burning and bright fuel source as a beeswax candle.

Unlike most of the manufactured paraffin candles, beeswax is hypo-allergenic, great for people with asthma, allergies or other sensitivities and those of us who want a safe, clean burning candle in our homes. Beeswax is safe for allergies.

Beeswax is the only candle that emits negative ions while burning. Negative ions help clean the air, similar to how a rain storm helps clean the air outside. Try burning a bees wax candle to help you feel calmer throughout the day.

It is far easier to have these around than salt lamps which attract water when they are not burning and can therefore damage furniture or nearby crystals from the salt water. And bees wax is not oil based so cleanup is much easier for accidental spills than other fragrant products.

Soy candles are seen the most around markets and shops as the price is cheaper. However here's why bees wax is still better:

  • Trees are not chopped down for plantations
  • Ionises the air - so great for sinus, colds, asthma and sensitive people.
  • Our bees wax is from Australia. 95% of soy is imported. And if the soy is natural then it is manufactured into candle in China.

Candle care

To get the quality and longevity from your candle:

In warmer condition store your candles in a cool place as cool wax burns longer. Never use a knife or a sharp object to remove wax from a glass holder. It might scratch or weaken the glass, causing it to break upon subsequent use. If the candle flame is flickering or smoking the wick is too long and will need trimming. Keep wicks trimmed to 5mm. Keep candle out of draughts. Candles need oxygen. If you burn a candle in a small, confined area it will smoke. Consider the size of the room when arranging your candles.

Safety tips

Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep candles out of reach of children and pets. Always place candles on a level heat resistant holder, choosing a size appropriate for the candle. Always light candles in a draft-free area to prevent smoking and uneven burning. If a draft cannot be avoided, turn the candle 180 degrees every hour. Avoid walking with or moving lit candles.

Australian Bees Wax Candles