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What Recently Have I Learnt About Healing Crystals

Thought I'd give insights I've had recently about some crystals as intuit for others or have used them myself.

Feeling anxious and it comes from pushing yourself to get something done before time runs out?

Of course this is NOT the energy you want to imbue into whatever you are creating. In my case I was happy to be maintaining the website but feeling I was going too slow. When did this push-anxietystop? Upon sitting with Blue Opal as I typed its information into the website! First time I'd ever been with this crystal. Boy was it easier then to allowthings to upload in the time that it was just going to take.More about Blue Opal.


Shock, trauma, anxiety, not able to move forward, doubting ... and the situation all revolves around natural things that you cannot control but you are being overwhelmed by voice in your head blaming you / telling you that somehow you could be in control?

For example, being affected by brushfires/earthquakes/crop blight/etc, becoming a mum (or dad) for the first time (natural cycle of procreation), travelling overseas (leaving your roots to explore).Mookaite is your best friendto help you release the overwhelm in these naturally created circumstances and move to accepting that Nature IS one of those things humanity cannot control. Not only let it flow through all your energy but into the natural circumstance to help the Earth as well. When you do this, you also allow yourself to see the wonderful experience that the circumstance brought - the way community came together to help those affected and people connected together through their hearts.I strongly feel it does this for Australians and Australiansituationsas it allows the spirit of Australia to support you. In the future I will intuit the jaspers for other countries that do the same.More about Mookaite.


Do you have a creative block? Are you studying? Then Rainbow Fluorite double terminated pendants may be your best friend. The purple helps clear the stress/anxiety so you are calming to absorb the knowledge and inspiration. The green comforts the heart so you release worries allowing the new ideas to drop more into you "being" for better understanding and recall. The clear help cleanse the heart-mind connection so clarity of what is being learnt or what is needed to do next can meet the hearts desire for you to know you can do the best you can. The double point aids theflow of energy oflearning (mind) and self acceptance/love (heart) to create greater insight, self-patience and retention. Combine this with fluorites "get up and go" so that studying is less a chore and more a positive choice of action. More about fluorite.