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What May Help During These Times

Firstly, I want to say that medical and governement health advice should always be followed.

But I created this section as many of my customers share beliefs like mine that there are additional things that can ease symptoms, help emotionally, or strengthen immunity.

  • Salt lamps - when on, the ions make breathing easier. Salt is also a mild disinfectant.
  • Moss Agate and Bloodstone Agate - to strengthen you against the worry and fear that is coming at you from colleagues, media and family. Works by being the healing colour of plants, the strength and courage of agate and connecting you to Earth's / Gaia's love. I have often said to people prior to this event, that they needed this crystal in times where you trust of humans has been damaged. Instead let your trust in Nature support you until you can trust people again.
  • Tourmaline - if you are sensitive to other people's energies - you easily get mad when someone is mad, you easily get depressed if around someone depressed, and you feel drained at the end of the day of dealing with people at an emotional level ... you are an empath, that is you have Clair sentience, the ability to read feelings/energy. Currently the community is swing madly emotionally downwards so help you self-transmute it (as well as your own emotional negativity). Black will help you learn the life lessons of what's occurring, pink and green will help re-fill a drained heart energy.
  • From Judy Hall's Crystal Bible list to help lungs, I feel energetically: pink tourmaline, Emerald, Aquamarine, Peridot, Dioptase (said to be amazing healing stone), Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Chrysocolla, Morganite.
  • From Judy Hall's Crystal Bible list to help immune system, I feel energetically: Black Tourmaline, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Turquoise, Sodalite

If you are going to make elixirs to deliver the energy more easily to the cells PLEASE ensure you check the safety of the crystals (size and toxicity).

Buy the Law of Attraction series books by Esther Hicks, and other uplifting crystal insight and personal/spiritual development books. Have you tried Oracle cards to get messages from your Guidance? If you have more time at home, make it work for you and your future! Enjoy the change to learn, go "wow", and have fun with you and You.

If The Rock Crystal Shops get shut down I will also look to managing crystal requests over the phone, and also doing on-line courses or group work once I get my new website f-i-n-a-l-l-y working. Will send a newsletter when I do, so subscribe if you haven't already.

Worried about spread of virus via crystals? There is a reasonable assumption that the virus can live on a crystal (although maybe there are some that can kill it too) but no one is going to test them. So let's be practical and wipe/spray them down with diluted hand sanitiser and then wash off in water. Quartz, Agate, Jaspers and Obsidian families should have no issue (amethyst, polished fossils, tigers eye, rainforest jasper) If you suspect the matrix is delicate like aqua aura, celestite, creedite then maybe just a light spray of the diluted sanitiser. Soft stones (Mohrs is 1-3) like Desert Roses, talc, Ruby Fuchsite (ruby and fuchsite are ok its the third tan coloured mineral thats delicate) .. sorry not sure what to do as some risk with hand sanitiser ... try a small corner that can be hidden ... let dry and see what happens. I have NOT tested this advice other than to spray my shops. You follow this advice at your own risk as I cannot access the unique structure of your own personal crystals e.g. affect on inclusions, micro fractures etc.

Cheers Shamarah