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Times of COVID-19

There will certainly be a time in the future where we find ourselves saying to children "Let me tell you about the virus that closed down the world." Until that time ...

I believe we are all in shock that something as small as a virus can create such a global impact. For some of us only in our 50s who have lived all our lives in Australia, we already lived through the possibility of another Cold War, World War 3, Nuclear fallout and ISIS taking over the world. Then we have had some of the worst impacts ever from tsunamis, massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Those in their 80s or from many overseas countries have lived through far worse.

Yet it seems a virus has been more effective than anything else in creating a shock and worry. So unexpected also because we have put so much faith in medicine finding cures yet this out runs everything. If I can lighten the day in one way ... we probably will have the lightest outbreak of flu and cold season ever! For those of you feeling it is punishment of Nature ... let that go. I received it was not Gaia or Mother Nature punishing us. Nor is it a CIA or a Chinese plot but incompetence and then cover-up because of fear of punishment.

This information has been channelled by others and many of you know I love Kryon so listen to the channelled words https://www.kryon.com/cartprodimages/2020%20downloads/download_iceland-1-20.html , which backed up my own channelling but also filled in a lot of blanks... Kryon has stated before that in this time of tremendous uplifting of energies, predictions are out the door unless they are short term or "sometime in the future" style. Kryon mentioned that this was a time of "wild card" experiences and this virus is an enormous example.

I also heard that someone channelled this was to clear group karma. I received it was a big-time chance to clear it. Even if it was a "wild card" event, it does offer a creative time to clear your panic and fear that arises from other lifetimes and times in this life, where the community was threatened and so were you. Or as a minimum how much calmer you can be, by disconnecting energetically from community fear. It becomes a wonderful way to change something into an opportunity for personal/spiritual growth while also clearing Community and Earth karma that you still have. Yes, my Guidance took me to that page in Qala Sri'ama Pheonix's "Opening Your Spiritual Eyes" for validation of what to do at this time. It will create a "sense of purpose" rather than a "victim" mode inside yourself.

I hope as a community at a local, country and global level that this pulls us together just as the drought and bush fires did in such a special way. Use your Law of Attraction skills and warm open hearts to see this happening and keep yourself out of spreading panic. If your have family members behaving badly, visualise them "wising up" to their part in community well-being and thus their well-being. As a group we can shift the energies to create outcomes that are less severe. And yes ... do what the Government asks... it too adds to our energies of creating a supportive and considerate community.

If you want to read more about what crystals etc may help at this time read this article.

Embrace the opportunities of this time to more yourself from fear, anxiety, depression. Have you considered what this time offers you? Here are some ideas I have:

  • More quality time with the kids! They can't brush you off to go out with their friends. It's a lovely time to share each others stories - get out those photo albums! A chance to re-connect to your ancestors.
  • Supervising the kids at home? What a chance to brush up on school stuff that you had forgotten! I discovered how useful geology, geography, physics and chemistry now is with my collection of crystals!
  • Catch up on all those books you bought and have gathered dust - especially those that you bought to broaden yourself and create a happier you.
  • What about those projects around the home that have been on the stress of never getting done. Gutters, gardening, repairs ... do them and stress gone!
  • At last you can move forward business projects and personal hobbies. Even someone in your family may be available and interested to get involved.

Spend time writing down all the opportunities that exist to keep your attention on moving forwad and not going stir crazy. Work with your Guidance or gut-feel as which can start today/tomorrow/next week and which can be delegated to someone more interested, and which can be crossed off altogether as no longer needed or of interest.