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The Do's and Don'ts of Buying Crystals

Here is a summary of the things I have picked up on from questions asked by Customers

Can I buy for someone else? Heard it was bad karma/inappropriate/crystals won't work...

Absolutely it is OK to buy for someone unless you are trying to push your agenda on them. If they have clearly said they do not want crystals - don't buy them one. If they said they think its not real - maybe it will be OK buying it as an animal or piece of jewellery that they would have bought themselves anyway even it was glass or wood, etc .. they then get the animal or colour in jewellery they love and if its meant to be they will also experience the crystal's energy and gowow that was unexpected".

I intuit all the time for people buying for others and have a 98% success rate - if it is inappropriate then how can I intuit so well? P.S. the non-success is purely that the recipient hated the giver pushing a crystal on them tohelp" - they don't need help! Person likes gold jewellery not silver but they did like the crystal anyway.

I feel the crystal I was given/purchased feels bad/makes me moody/feels wrong for me...

This can be a sign of the crystal needing a clean - someone before your got it dumped some emotional energy into the crystal (crystals always wants to help anyone who needs it). If its doesn't clean up after sunshine/smudge/... then you will need to use yourhealing skills" to shift it. And if its still not working, are you due for a healing? Or are you a regular buyer from a shop withhealing" staff who could shift it for you?ÂÂ (they may charge a small fee - don't be upset necessarily as its always about energy balance in any exchange).

Did the shop/on-line store bought from actually feel right? Sometimes store owners and staff are from a differentenergy family" and so their stock doesn't reasonate with your energy.

Did you pick a crystal from a book because you liked what was written. Maybe it actually the wrong crystal for your energy field. This is where a crystal intuit such as myself can check that what you want is right.

Maybe the crystal bought wasn't actually for the need you thought. Maybe your Guides wanted you to buy it for someone else and its was their only chance to pass on the message. This happens all the time in the shop. A customer comes to buy for themself and a crystal is intuited but seems to not connect to them. Why? Because its actually for their mum who is in hospital and was asking for help from the universe... or similar reason.

My crystal was broken. Why? Also, someone said I should throw my crystal away.

This actually has a lot of different answers. I intuit which is right for the Customers. And the reasons have included:

  • Person was wearing it too much and not listending to the messages that the body needed a break from the crystal's energy in order to re-balance itself.
  • Person had not been cleaning it / upgrading it's energy and itsdirtiness" was holding back that person's vibrational upgrades.
  • Crystal wanted to split in two so one half went to work to support tham and the other half stayed at home.
  • Crystal wanted to split so half stayed with Customer and half went to thei friend/mum/child so they werelinked" via the crystal.
  • Crystal needed to be gifted back to Gaia as part of the person's spiritual development by anchoring Shamanic Body via shamanic practices.

Typically the crystal doesn't need to bethrown out" but it may want to change who it is used.

Neverthrow out" a crystal no matter how much you heart has been broken by the person who gifted it to you. Insteadgift" it back to Gaia - throwing it with blessings or positive affirmations into a lake or ocean are very popular options.

How do I know if I am buying a really crystal?

This is where; you need to rely on the honesty of the seller - and I am sorry to say that is not good in our industry. I know how upset I was when I bought something and last time found it was man-made so we have things clearly marked ifcoloured",heat-treated",glass". Here are tips

  • If something seems unusually cheap - be suspicious. Often glass or heat treated or colouredcheap" crystals to imitate the expensive ones e.g. turquoise, citrine, carnelian, blue lace agate
  • Don't buy from the Jewellery chain stores - their amethyst etc is synthetic because no imperfections that cause breakage when being shaped. And they are into trends not healing properties.
  • Feel it - if it doesn't feel cold and stays cold for 10 seconds or more then probably plastic or reconstituted (like in reconstituted orange juice).
  • Man-made - carborundum (silica + carbon = silica carbide) or are just out right glass - goldstone (does have copper inside), opalite (often mis-labelled as moonstone), obsidian blue and green and peach, most amber (resin), increasing amount of malachite, and gorgeous clear quartz clusters that are unusually inexpensive (grown in China)
  • Some crystals are tricky to know which are affected - gamma radiated to enhance colour (smoky quartz, citrine, many precious stones used in jewellery)
  • Some are grown by nature but set up by humans - bismuth (still holds great energies as the bismuth was only melted to allow it to re grow itself)
  • Some are natural crystals but bonded by metals - aura quartz (fabulous energy if quality quartz is used) - however manypaint" imitiations or low quality/energy from China.

Does size matter? Intuition again works best re size ...

Pendants work even though they are small because they are close to the heart chakra that can send the energy everywhere. Certain shapes however work mre powerfully that others.

If it sits in your personal aura (e.g. work desk, pocket, pillow case at night ...) then smaller is fine. Please note I don't agree with crystals in handbags as being helpful to you. There is so much heavy energy for them to over come (money, receipts, ...) and you put them on the floor - of course to put a crystal in their to clean them is another matter!

If you want it to generally help the room then they need to be larger, or you need to buy multiple smaller to grid the space.

And a whole house - yes they need to be big.

Does shape matter?

Yes - symbolism has a powerful affect on us as does the tactical. If you/person you are buying for are already on edge I would recommend smooth - to sooth. Beginners usually love polished. The person whose been buying for a while tehnds to love natural as they are more unique.

I want to buy a crystal for someone who doesn't believe but they do like rocks. Is this OK?

Sure and you can explain to them that we evolved for hundred of thosuands of years walking on rocks, soil, grass, bushes, etc and now in just a couple of decades we rarely walk barefoot on grass or soil and we have little opportunity to pick up a rock from the ground. We also live and work one, two, ten stories up. Our bodies are in shock. So we can't practically put a plant on our pocket for the day but we can support our body by putting a rock (or crystal) there. This is why you love crystals. There - simple reason they will believe. Later if they haveexperiences" with a crystal beyond thenormal: you can go deeper into it.