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Is This Real Jade?

Jade has two forms:

  • jadeite - slightly glassy, various colours, and usually more expensive, and,
  • nephrite - slightly waxy and green.

However it has also become the most mis-represented stone of all and many other minerals are falsely sold as it - the word "jade" being thrown in to trick buyers.

Here's a new website I just found trying to help you sort out the truth: http://www.wikihow.com/Tell-if-Jade-Is-Real.

We try to sell customers the things under the correct names (or give the alternate names if one is best known under a misnomer e.g. New Jade) so I hope this website helps us as much as you get the real thing.

In Australia the most typically mis-sold "jade"s are: New Jade:

New Jade Bowenite Serpentine Generator


and Green Aventurine.:

Green Aventurine Heart