Getting More Out of Your Crystals

Many people asked me what the best way to cleanse the crystals is. They may even notice the crystal feel "tired" and aren't working like they first were. Because of issues with some light fading some water dissolving others, the safer options I always recommend was the full moon and placing on the ground. However, this means your crystals. At best they going to get cleanse once a month. After reading Michael Geiger “Purifying Crystals” for a simple technique, we now recommend Amethyst and in fact my guides strongly say “buy amethyst clusters” and the size they recommend are our $15+ and up. This is not my ego - this is what I keep receiving. You then lay the crystals and jewellery you've been working with the day on/around it at night with your request to have the cleansed and refreshed! It will then purify overnight – little effort on your part. The nice advantage of the larger amethyst cluster is that if you are having difficulty sleeping: waking up easily, then brooding over problems, being stressed and not able to fall asleep, and the amethyst cluster on the bedside table can work wonders on the head energy.

However, note that some of us are not compatible with amethyst clusters. So when I try to sleep with amethyst I did not find it particularly helped. However, accidentally I put my Rainbow Titanium Aura pendant on the amethyst and found that night I actually woke up less and fell asleep much quicker. On day two I started to sleep all night through.

So this leads to my second way of getting more out of crystals. Sometimes when we are beginners we let a book tell us what crystal to buy or maybe we were gifted a crystal by another person. However, we notice that we seem incompatible with it. This happened to me with a Pearl necklace which was a beautiful gift and very expensive but I could feel it draining my energy. I got guided to wear my Moldavite pendant with it. The moldavite pendant was hidden in my bra and the Pearl necklace was able to be shown off to the world. The strength of the moldavite overcame the weakening effect for me of the Pearl. Yeah! A could now wear this beautiful gift and feel good.

And this leads to another interesting factoid. There is a place in our lives for even those crystals that are incompatible with our energy. Consider using them on the home altar, as far as I know the house has no compatibility issues with crystals. Option 2: to calm/deaden your energies if you are e.g. hyper-happy or hyper-active but unable to focus and function. How can you remain happy and active but actually able to get something done? Use a crystal you know that weakens your energy. I learnt this when I was a hyper-happy and I got guided to aquamarine. I only needed to wear it to 10 minutes until my energy came out of the hyper state. Once it was off me, from a much better level of happiness, I was able to get into focused action for the day. I actually told this story to a mother who wondered if it will help her hyperactive HDD young son who was an Earth sign like me. I checked with Spirit and got “yes”. The mother did report back the next week great success in using this stone to very quickly bring her child back to calmness and focus. Remember – only hold a weakening crystal for a short time.