Feedback from Web Buyers

We would love to improve the support web buyers get.

There are so many options out there but what really works for those buying crystals? And especially for those people attracted to our crysta's energies?

Please send an email to the address that the newsletter came in on with what you do or don't like when you are on-line shopping.

We are about to launch a new version website and we would love to see if we are on the mark or way behind people's expectations.


  • Mobile Friendly Website - one that works with your iPad and Mobile Phones?
  • On-line Chat facility?
  • Ability to ring shop and chat about ordering certain crystals?
  • Don't worry about features - just have the best range available to order in the middle of the night?


A list of what you did or did not like about our current website can be a starting point.

Please don't make it just a wish list but give some type of priority to each "want".

There is no urgency. Feedback after Christmas is fine.