As 2017 Completes

Are you like us - completely surprised that we have Christmas and New year around the corner? This year has been unexpectedly challenging for all of us who thought 2017 would be "a new beginnings" year. Instead we ran forward for a few weeks, then came to grinding halts as we spun back into old energies/old negative patterns. Then ran foward again only to go "grunch" again.

It was because to have new beginnings we have to let go of the old. I got the same card readings over and over and was guided to read intently over and over, wathced the movie "Frozen" dozen times - need to listen (and often cry) to the lyrics. The halts and backward movements allow the old patterns to resurface, be seen and acknowledged, forgiven and released. And then affirm what we really want in place of these old patterns. Remember old patterns of "bad" behaviours are just learned ways of coping with life. Understand why you (and others) do it and you can counsel yourself to a new perspective and better coping mechanisms. Why does it happen over and over - some of the memories are massively powerful and we can't strip them out all at once.

They can be stubborn to shift - as is mine around "letting people down in relation to not providing enough financial support" (five years and still going). And they will often cause irrational behaviour e.g. why am I so worried about money when I have always have had enough to feed, cloth and house me in this life? And the Universe will bring up situations to bring the sub-conscious that are holding you back, from who you really want to be, to the surface. Hence we have gone through a lot of staff and I have had several fall outs with people in the shop (not actual customers) - all of whom in hindsight I can see what they were doing was to push the buttons.

When we following this "become aware, acknowledge, forgive, let go" of the old pain and behavious, we do notice more gifts anchor. Why? Throwing off the old freed our energies to rise. My channelling became stronger and I stopped regular arguments with parents. Customers reported they suddenly got along with family easier, work became more satisfying. vivid dreams about opportunities or answers to questions suddenly started happening. Some found clairvoyance or knowingness abilities opened or strengthened dramatically. So new beginnings definitely happened even if not how our human ego expected it to look like!

So use the final weeks of the year to re-visit some or all of the dramas of the year and let them be resolved to free you for 2018's new opportunities. Get the cards out or buy new ones - to get an objective look into where you are at. Buy crystals to help you break through or go for a healing session. The energies to support resolution and anchor the new continue for another two weeks into a new year.

2018 is a "2" so a whole new way of moving forward - balanced - so do you best to get yourself there with the old energies of 2017.

And don't be surprised that you may need a new group of crystals for 2018.

2017's big wake up crystals were:

Peruvian Clear Quartz - so you could tune into the higher consciousness portal that opened.

Charoite - a higher vibration of linkage to All That You Are settling the mind to allow the deeper connection to I Am Presence.

Celestite - many people had loved ones who had passed direct them into the shop and guiding them to this crystal to say "we safely made it to the other side and use this stone for comfort and to communicate more easily with us".