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About information compiled for crystals metaphysical or healing properties

Without spending a lot of time personally intuiting metaphysical and energy information about the crystals, I have combined information from a variety of sources including my own experiences.

While I feel comfortable with the mental, emotional and spiritual healing properties that are possible with crystals based on my experiences, I am providing only a summary of what a crystal can do and guide you to the in-depth information in wonderful crystal books. I am also less certain about physical support yet others young and old have sworn by the assistance physically the received.

At the end of the day, what a crystal can help you with varies from person to person based on your current reason for its use, your energetic state and consciousness at the time, and the abilities of the individual crystal.

If you want to work with crystals or help another to do so, its time to use your intuition along with the guidance that a book or Internet can provide.

If it doesn't feel right for you then it isn't. If it feels special for you then it is. Also not all varieties of a particular crystal type have been discussed.

Also there are crystals whose names are trademarked by some sellers. They often come from the same mines as those generally available under another common name. There is quite a debate about trademarking names and confusing the market.  Some who hold trademarks provide their own energetic work with those crystals that pass through their hands and have their own channelled information which they want to protect (prices are usually higher). Rather than debate the rights and wrongs, I again encourage you to know that what feels right for you for your given financial budget. Where possible I give all names and identify which crystals for sale came via those sellers' hands if it is properly revealed from my sources and/or is stated in the crystal books.

If you are serious about using crystals, I guide you purchase one of these wonderful crystal books which were the primary sources used in compiling the information. Some are available in the on-line shop:


There are others in our website store and in other book shops. Chose one that reads well for your particular interest in having crystals in your life.

99.9% of the photographs are the property of Yvonne Barrett. The remainder have come from iStock or suppliers. All copyright remains vested with these owners.

Please Note

  • All crystal definitions and properties are provided as a means of education and do not imply a guarantee of effect. Those suffering from illness should consult with their General Practitioner in the first instance. Crystals, crystal and energetic healing is offered as a holistic complementary health care practise and you can find practitioners who also hold mainstream medical degrees. Personally, crystals have often saved my\e from buying pharmaceuticals, making medical appointments or being an emotional drain on a friend!
  • Some crystals (or some forms of them) are frail and need to be handled with care such as crocoite and selenite. They should not be given to children or placed in drinks. Some crystals are toxic. For more on this topic read this article as a good source of information and also this one.
  • Be extra careful if you are pregnant. A starting place on this topic is this article.