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Enjoy these insights about rocks, crystals and fossils. Articles are added each month. The insights include:

  • Their individual essence and their assistance to you;
  • Basic geology and interesting historical facts (what appealed to us!);
  • Topics on caring and handling, working and playing with them;
  • Experiences we've had with them - this is insights which are over and above that found in books - geological or metaphysical healing properties.


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#   Article Title
1   Is This Real Jade?
2   So what is a Master Crystal? Selecting and activating healing crystals.
3   Why are so many crystals said to be "grounding"?
4   Which Candles Would Complement The Crystals Best - Any Tips?
5   Getting More Out of Your Crystals
6   The Meaning of the Animal Shape - General Symbolism
7   The Meaning of the Animal Shape - Chinese Astrology
8   Using a Pendulum
9   An Attitude of Gratitude
10   What Recently Have I Learnt About Healing Crystals
11   Setting Up the Garden Portal
12   When the Body Goes "Bad"
13   Getting Back in Balance
14   Intuited Altar - Special Space Designs
15   Experiences with Madagascan Quartz
16   Crystal Bracelets are very handy
17   Are those Clear Quartz's Real?
18   My experience with crystals that calm
19   Turning a bad day into a good
20   Crystals - real or not? Latest list of...
21   Facebook Fans
22   Why do prices vary so much?
23   Crystals and their healing presence
24   The soul of a crystal
25   Experiences with Rose Quartz
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